Welcoming our SME partners
Our view on SMEs
Many SMEs face challenges related to their sizes, limited resources, market access and relationship with larger enterprises. Our goal is support in everything from planning your finances.
What we offer
Creating a business enabling environment to facilitate the development of new businesses and stimulate entrepreneurial activities among Small and Medium enterprises. Start-ups can better utilize new technologies and innovative business models to improve SMEs’ access to financial services/resources.
The Process
As your business development partner, we’re here to guide you through the steps of starting your own enterprise. simplifying official procedures and helping you establish your business from start to finish. Thus building an eco-system that allows easy entry and exit of start-ups to promote future economic growth and employment.
Bahini Abdel
Sahel Selim, Egypt

"From my home office i can own and operate an account, that's what i call convenient."

Erin Gehrig
Limerick, Ireland

"Garanti is helping people who don't necessarily have start up capital run their businesses. I see that as a real shift in the opportunities available"

Vadzim Cedic
Vitebsk, Belarus

"Over the years i have enjoyed flexible services and absolute security. What more can i ask for?"

Joe Hanson
San Jose,California

"Services you can completely rely on. And if you get stuck, their support team will help out. I'm entrusting my portfolio to manage the entire process. In six months i can complete my task and go on a vacation."